Monday, September 20, 2010

Selling within Company

Evangelizing Agile sounds great to hear. But like any things if the goals are not decide, you will reach where you intended, which is NOWHERE.

Step 1: Set Simple Goals to achieve, mine are
  1. Make Synerzip follow Agile more than before. Be more specific - All team to do Daily Scrums in next 2 months
  2. Evangelize Synerzip's Agile Profile to rest of the world.
  3. Have loads of fun while doing it

Step 2: Catch what we do right, before asking people to act on new ones
  1. You can only EVANGELIZE, if you can catch People doing RIGHT Things. And Surprising people do a lot of right things :)
  2. Simple principles to remember, when dealing with People.
    a. Criticizing NEVER HELPS
    b. What is appreciated gets repeated, what is ignored disappears.
    c. Making interaction between people a Celebration, is the best way to make it a Ritual
  3. Appreciate publicly what you see your people doing Good. They will not only open their ear but their hearts to you.
Step 3: Talk more about people within than people out side
  1. Interview one team and find out what they do right in Agile. Record the Interview, Write the Interview and Publish it first inside.
  2. One team does one thing better than other team. The goal is to show the good in very team to inspire others to follow it. Caution - Never ever Compare.
  3. Let team compete amongst themselves, this is a welcome social change. Infact, encourage this.
Step 4: Reward should be achieving the Goal itself
  1. Instead of Monetary goals or KPIs, make people who helped achieve the goals as Star of the Organization.
  2. Publish his/her interviews on Youtube or blog (Ofcourse after talking to legal).
  3. Nothing can compare to a person being highlighted in a unique way. e.g Brijesh carried the Agile flagship for my team in Synerzip.

My 50 Cents, more for later


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